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On-Line Credit Card Services accepts and helps all types of businesses — both low and high risk. Call us at (800) 538-1556.

  • Applications are usually approved in 24 hours or less.
  • High risk accounts usually approved within 48-72 hours.

By completing your form and transmitting it to us, you are providing us with the initial information needed to provide you with a complete rate and service quote for Credit Card Processing and other related services (such as Check Services, Gift and Loyalty Card Services and other business tools). PLEASE complete all form fields so that we may serve you better - and more quickly! 

If you experience problems with any form, please print it, complete and fax it to 508.347.5962. If you experience any other difficulties, please call On-Line Credit Card Services direct at (800) 538-1556 for assistance.


Compare how much you can save using On-Line versus Square.*

Swiped 1.69% + $0.20 2.75%
Keyed 2.39% + $0.20 3.50% + $0.15
Corporate 3.29% + $0.20 N/A
Monthly $10.00 N/A

* On-Line has used numerous spreadsheet programs and examples to determine bottom line costs when comparing the very high rates of Square to our Low Rate Plan with a monthly service fee. We've found that, in most cases, a merchant doing $2,000 in monthly sales would break even on our plan versus Square, plus or minus a few dollars monthly.

We are always lower on monthly volumes of $3,000 and up! The pricing plan here is a tiered rate program intended for NEW and existing SMALL businesses. Merchants currently in business doing MORE than $5,000 monthly may want to consider an Interchange Plus quote. Just ask us at (800) 538-1556.


Any and all attempts at fraud will be reported to law enforcement authorities.

If we cannot validate your business, we will not issue a merchant number to you!


Click here to apply for a NEW Merchant Account to process payments on your smartphone, tablet or iPad.**


** By completing and submitting the application you agree to be billed a one-time set-up fee of $59 which includes a Card Swipe to work with your Smartphone, Tablet or iPad. Your application is not complete and you will not be charged until the last page is reviewed, an e-signature is provided and you have submitted your application.

If you are not looking for a mobile option, or wish to discuss this further, please give us a call Toll-Free at (800) 538-1556.


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Our office is open from 9am-6pm ET Monday thru Friday, as well as 24/7 Merchant Services Support.

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IMPORTANT—We cannot respond to application requests without a valid business phone number or a valid phone number for the business owner. A personal cell phone is acceptable if a business line has not yet been installed. At least one valid phone number must be provided. Thank you!